Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi shares his Hajj experience

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Pakistani celebrities Atif Aslam, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Feroz Khan are one of those lucky people who have been blessed to perform Hajj this year.

On completion of the Holy pilgrimage, Hamza Ali Abbasi lauded the management in a video message for making the journey convenient for about two million pilgrims and went on to encourage people with his own experience.

“To all the Muslims everywhere…please come here once.. you cannot begin to imagine…you have be here, you have to experience each and every bit of it,” Hamza said in a video released by the Kingdom’s Center for International Communication on Monday.

“When I came here my first impression was inclusiveness, seeing people from literally every country of this planet united under this one tree that there is only one God”

He went on to admire the vast scale of it, where more than two million arrive in one place for the Holy rituals.

“You can’t help but imagine what kind of logistical nightmare it would be, but it goes very smoothly.”

He lauded the management for making it possible in a way that facility was well taken care of. “It goes so seamlessly that you don’t realise what kind of a mammoth effort goes behind it.”

“The attitude of the people, they have been travelling for a long time and if you travel for any other cause except Allah you will be tired, you will be fatigued, you will be maybe very irritable,”

“But if you are travelling for Allah, you see them smiling, you see them [being] charitable,” he went on to express how every pilgrim and volunteer was very helpful during that spiritual journey.

“The atmosphere is very big brotherhood and it’s all love everywhere,” he concluded.

Last year, his film Parwaaz Hai Junoon was commercially released in the country, making his fan-following quite dense there.