Fatima Effendi says women should be held responsible too for breaking homes

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Pakistani actress Fatima Effendi won lots of praise on the internet for saying that women should also be held accountable for breaking a man’s home.

Taking to Instagram, the actress stated that women should be smart and not fall for a man’s trap when he says that he is unhappy with his wife.

Fatima said that women who approach and ‘lure’ married men should also be held accountable for their actions.

“If he wouldn’t be happy he wouldn’t be living with her. If he can leave her for you, he can leave you for someone else,” she wrote, with the hashtag #SayNoToHomeWrecking.

“Gad that someone finally said this,” said one user.

“Bt it strongly depends on the man fatema your husband is strong and Faithfull to you trust is a big issue between husband and wife,” wrote another person.

“Words are truly very beautiful, words of great sentiment and a very admirable piece of work, thank you!!!” stated another.

The actress was referring to the recent crisis between Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatema Sohail. Mohsin’s wife alleged that he had kicked, punched and threw her on a wall while she was pregnant.

Mohsin denied the allegations and claimed that Fatema was lying. He said that the two had been separated as she had made his life a living hell.

Fatima stated that it was also up to men to let ‘such women’ know that they were happy with their wives.

“Just to put the message across🙏🏻
Men: Let such women know you are happy with your wives. Do not degrade the mother of your children in front of the world. She left her world to start a new one with you.
Women: Even if you are told by a married man that he is unhappy with his wife, don’t fall into the trap,” she wrote.

Fatima further stated that being a part of women groups on social media, she came across many wives who suffered in their marriage due to the actions of another woman.

“Bing part of women groups on social media, I come across stories everyday of women who are suffering because of women who try to break their homes by luring their husbands,” she stated.