Why do NGOs only talk about women’s rights, asks Mohsin Abbas Haider

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LAHORE: Pakistani actor and TV show host Mohsin Abbas Haider questioned NGOs on only working for the rights of women and wondered why men were not heard when controversies broke out.

Mohsin made the statement during his hearing at the court of additional session judge, Tajammul Shehzad.

Mohsin wondered why NGOs work only for the rights of women. He said that NGOs should never side with the wrong person–be it man or woman.

None of the NGOs have contacted us. I wish there was an NGO for men as well,” he said. “The position of the man should also be heard.”

Mohsin said that his wife should have gone to the hospital if he had beaten and injured her. He said that Fatima would now pay for the financial loss that had been caused to him.

Mohsin said that the decision in the case will be taken by the court. He said that he had tried to reconcile with Fatema numerous times but had failed.

“My wife is lying by telling people she gave me Rs5-10 million,” he said. “I don’t believe in taking a single penny,” he added.