Who said what on Mohsin Abbas controversy…

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Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas has been facing massive criticism after his wife alleged him of brutally beating her on numerous occasions, including days when she was expecting a baby.

Celebrities were also quick to ire out at Mohsin Abbas after pictures of bruises on his wife’s body emerged on social media, while many users lashed out at Mohsin and the model accused of being romantically involved with the actor.

Shortly after the matter became prominent on social media, Witnesses also came forth backing up Fatema Sohail’s allegations, including Hamza Ali Abbasi, Dua Malik, and Mirza Gohar.

In a tweet, Parliamentary Leader PPP Sherry Rehman extended her support and offered help to Fatema Sohail.

“Fatima like so many others, needs help. I am available in Islamabad at any point to meet and take this up. Many legislators feel very strongly about abuse and domestic violence. We worked for years on the lawmaking against it. Please feel free to DM me to coordinate any response

Many of the industry’s big names took to social media to express disgust at Mohsin Abbas over domestic violence, including Ali Zafar, Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Haroon Shahid amongst others.

“Fatima’s story is heart-wrenching. We should respect her courage and bravery, and stand together to support the victims of domestic violence”, Ali Zafar wrote.

Mahira Khan wrote: “Sick to my stomach. What gives anybody the right to raise their hand on anyone? Nothing. No excuse.
For eons now we have normalised abuse (of all kinds) and for the sake of our children this needs to stop.”

Reham Khan also spoke on the matter, stating I have just been talking all evening about walking away from domestic abuse only to come home & see this. WALK OUT before it’s too late.

“You know all the fame you get, all the hard work you put into your work, that body you keep working on, those sleepless nights of shooting and working hard don’t pay off when you’re a piece of shit!”, Hania wrote on Twitter.

Responding to some netizens who urged to wait for Mohsin’s stance on the matter, Asim Azhar opined that the situation with the given evidence was alarming enough to boycott the actor.

He also appreciated Mohsin’s wife for exposing the actor, stressing that there may be a lot of women who need to realize and that speak out.

“Growing up I remember, once my father got really upset when he saw my mother crying. Upon inquiring, he found out that one of our neighbors used to beat his wife. He went up to his house the same day and put him in his place. The guy was a wuss. #MohsinAbbasHaider shame on you!”, singer Haroon Shahid tweeted.

Stressing over the unspoken incidents of domestic violence, Osman Khalid Butt also took to social media to acquaint women with measures one can take to report physical abuses.