Wasim Akram is all in to support ‘his second home’ in the finals

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Since the World Cup’s final won’t be a game about Pakistan or Australia this year, former national team captain Wasim Akram has his heart rooting for England.

With New Zealand and host England Akram being home to many Pakistanis, Akram found it tough to decide but expressed anticipation for England, which he calls his second home.

“The World Cup hosts 2 countries that are home to so many Pakistanis, which makes my decision on who to support difficult. But England has been a second home to me for 30 odd years so my decision to support England is where my heart is at. What about you?”, he tweeted ahead of the finals.

With New Zealand in the equation, many of the Pakistani nationals were quick to express support for the black shirts for defeating India in the first semi-finals as well as their respect towards New Zealand’s stance on handling the Christchurch massacre.