Irfan Junejo opines ‘victims should be heard’ after Ukhano accused

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Vlogger Ukhano aka Umar Khan is the recent one to face allegations of sexual harassment by multiple women on social media.

While fellow Youtubers Mooro and Eva Zu Beck came in support of Ukhano, another vlogger Irfan Junejo said no person should be able to abuse their powers of influence.

“In times like these it is important to raise your voice and take a stance. The evidence is clear and stacking up,” Junejo tweeted.

“There is a pattern visible; and if you are not a victim of said pattern – it does not mean the pattern hasn’t affected anyone else or does not exist.”

He further shared, “No person should be able to abuse their powers of influence. I feel deeply for the victims of these actions and hope that they get heard with integrity.”

However, Ukhano also released a statement on the matter when it caught fire on social media.
In a video shared, “I’ve worked very hard my whole life, shot several videos and have worked with a lot of women. I’m certain I’ve never made any of them uncomfortable,” he said.

“The reason I’m making this video is because I owe you guys the truth and the truth is that I know this person and I’ve worked with this person and that is it. Other than that, whatever allegations and claims have been made against me are lies,” he added.

On Tuesday, multiple women accused the 28-year-old vlogger of sexually harassing them and exposed screenshots of the conversations with Ukhano, wherein he was seen asking women for bold pictures and sending unwelcome ones of himself.