Veena replies to fan asking her about washing Ashmit’s underwear

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Pakistani actress Veena Malik was asked whether she washed her ex-boyfriend Ashmit Patel’s underwear or not and evoked a response from her.

Veena has been making headlines for her social media presence. The actress initiated a Twitter question and answer session with the hashtag #AskVeena. Very soon, it started to trend at number one all over Pakistan.

However, one question from a fan caught everyone’s eye. A Twitter user referred to an episode of Bigg Boss and asked Veena whether or not she washed her ex-boyfriend Ashmit’s underwear.
To that, the actress replied in a dignified manner.

Here’s how Veena replied to her:-

“Try to lift people rather pulling them down always! May Allah help you,” she tweeted.

In another tweet, the actress claimed that Maryam Nawaz followed her on Twitter but through a fake account.

Veena and Ashmit dated for a few years before the two had a bitter breakup. Veena said in the past that Ashmit used to wash her lingerie when they dated and that Bigg Boss episode never went on-air.

Veena claimed once, according to an Indian website, that she hit Ashmit with her high heels when the two were dating and he used to handle her tantrums quite calmly.