Veena Malik supports Firdous Jamal’s right to criticise Mahira Khan

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Pakistani actress Veena Malik has thrown her weight behind veteran actor Firdous Jamal who had said on Friday that Mahira Khan was too old to be cast as a heroine.

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Jamal had evoked an angry response on social media when he opined on Mahia’s acting skills. Social media slammed him for going beyond her acting skills when he suggested that Mahira was too old to play a heroine in movies.

Few would agree with his opinions but Veena Malik threw her weight behind Jamal, stating in a couple of tweets that the actor’s opinion should be respected.

“#FirdousJamal is an legendary actor & Sir Pakistan is proud of U.He have also received Pride of Performance bcs he deserved it. I still remember his dramas Manchaley ka Sauda and Waris they were so impactful. Every artist should welcome critisim so that we get better & the industry grows.We dn’t meet the international standards bt v will get there if v r open to critisim.Respecting Seniors & Juniors is imprtnt but that doesn’t mean u can’t put ur opinion out there.Commenting on actingskills was #FirdousJamal’s opinion & we shd respect that,” she tweeted.

Mahira has not replied to either Jamal nor Veena yet. Will we see the Superstar actress respond to either of the two or will she ignore them altogether?