Veena Malik draws ire for calling Reham Khan a ‘Khatara Gaari’

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Pakistani actress Veena Malik angered netizens a few days ago when she called Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former wife a ‘Khatara Gaari’ (worn out car) in a tweet.

Veena has always attracted ire and anger on social media for her tweets. The actress and TV host is known for her anti-PML-N views. She often takes on the PML-N leadership including Maryam Nawaz on Twitter.

Recently the actress called out Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan as the latter called him a driver.
“Bajwa sahab was going to the United States so he thought he would take along a driver as well,” tweeted Reham, indirectly calling Imran Khan a ‘driver’.

Pat came the response from Veena:-

“A driver who drove a ‘Khatara Gaari’ for some months, the same car that nobody is willing to drive anymore,” she tweeted. “The only thing that ‘Khatara’ now does is tweet.”

The tweet drew an angry response from Twitterati.