Tum kero toh dance, wo kerain toh mujra: Ali Gul Pir slams PPP

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KARACHI: Pakistani comedian and musician Ali Gul Pir lashed out at the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Monday for arresting FixIt founder Alamgir Khan.

PTI MNA Alamgir Khan, who is also the founder of FixIT movement, was arrested on Sunday after a clash between FixIt and PPP supporters.

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Comedian Ali Gul Pir slammed the PPP and Sindh government for arresting the lawmaker. He pointed out PPP’s ‘hypocrisy’ for raising its voice in the national assembly for MNAs Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir Khan but mistreating Alamgir the same way.

“How hypocrite #PPP will look now when talking about the arrest of 2 parliamentarians of KPK yet they themselves have beaten and put a sitting MNA in jail for protesting. Tim kero toh dance, woh kerain toh mujra #FixIt,” he tweeted.

Alamgir was arrested after a scuffle broke out between FixIt and PPP supporters. Alamgir was leading a protest against Sindh Government at the Teen Talwar road when scores of PPP workers arrived, leading to a clash.

Police intervened and arrested several people, including Alamgir. He was taken to Frere Hall police station where after a few hours, he was provided bail.

PPP leader Saeed Ghani expressed solidarity with his workers and claimed that FixIt supporters had started the clash by abusing them. Ghani said that he would obtain justice from the courts.