Taliban ready to meet PM Khan to discuss peace: spokesperson

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ISLAMABAD: The Afghan Taliban have said that they are ready to visit Pakistan and meet Prime Minister Imran Khan if Islamabad extended them a formal invite.

Sohail Sahin, the spokesperson for the Taliban’s Doha office, said that a delegation of the group was ready to visit Pakistan to hold talks with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“Pakistan is our neighbouring and Muslim country. We will definitely visit Pakistan if we are given formal invitation,” said Saheen.

The statement from Saheen comes a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan concluded his three-day official visit to the United States. Khan and President Trump spoke about the Afghan peace process in great detail.

While Trump hoped Pakistan would play its role in ensuring a successful withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and a permanent ceasefire by the Taliban, Khan assured him that Pakistan would do whatever it could to facilitate the Afghan peace process.

The USA and Taliban are holding peace talks in Doha to come to an understanding to end the 19-year-long war. Pakistan has a major role to play considering its ties to the Afghan Taliban and as Afghanistan’s neighbour.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the foreign office, Dr Muhammad Faisal, said on Thursday that ties between the two nations had been ‘reset’.

“The visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan has brought a new impetus in relations between Pakistan and USA. The ties between the two countries have been reset,” he said.