Social media took a stand because Mohsin is an actor: Nasir Khan Jan

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Nasir Khan Jan said on Sunday that social media had taken a stand against Mohsin Haider Abbas because he was a celebrity otherwise this issue was quite common.

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Nasir is known for making positive statements and seldom calls out people on social media. However, the social media celebrity did call out the act of beating women.

The statement came from the actor several hours after Mohsin’s wife claimed that the actor had kicked and punched her while she was pregnant.

Nasir said that social media took a stand as Mohsin was an actor.

“In our society this is very common to Beat a women. But this is not acceptable. Brave man like me never hit a woman #MohsinAbbasHaider is an actor that’s why media and social media took a stand but think about other middle class and poor families woman who ever feeling this pain,” he tweeted.

Mohsin held a press conference on Sunday and claimed that the charges against him were false. He said that his wife had shared images of her old wounds on social media.

“These wounds were inflicted on her when she fell down the stairs,” he said, swearing on The Holy Quran.