Shireen Mazari clarifies govt’s position on mandatory plastic wrappings

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari has voiced her opposition to a government’s order for compulsory plastic wrapping of bags at all Pakistani airports.

According to a notification issued by the Pakistani Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA), the federal government has made its compulsory for domestic and international passengers to get their baggage wrapped with plastic.

The notification has caused online outrage as most of the airports make plastic wrapping optional for passengers.

While some neitizens questioned government’s dual policy on use of plastic, others called it legitimized corruption.

The human rights ministers took to Twitter on Sunday to clarify her government’s position, saying no such issue was ever discussed in the cabinet’s meeting.

“The plastic covering for outgoing baggage notification is wrong. Federal govt was incorrectly mentioned as Federal Govt means Cabinet and no such issue was even discussed in Cabinet let alone decided upon,” Ms Mazari tweeted.