Shamoon Abbasi replies to Humaima Malick’s domestic abuse revelation

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Pakistani actor Shamoon Abbasi replied to his ex-wife Humaima Malick, who alleged that she had suffered from domestic abuse and had almost been beaten to death in her past relationships.

Humaima, Shamoon’s ex-wife, had claimed on Instagram a few days ago that she had been a victim of domestic abuse.

Humaima and Shamoon had been married for three years after which the two got divorced. In his Facebook post, Shamoon claimed that he had never beaten up Humaima while they were married and that the two remained friends till date.

“Salam every one,

“Went through the news about the confusion between me and my ex wife Humaima Malick and sort of shocked to see the miss interpretation that is created by her status shared recently..

“Me and Humaima have been good friends even after our divorce and always respected each other in general, and in public places.. Even joked about things we shared in the past.

“Humaima has now Mashallah grown into a big name in this country and abroad and I always felt good to see that she is now happy doing what she wanted while making her name in the industry,” he wrote.

Shamoon said that he was sorry that Humaima had suffered for seven years in an abusive relationship. He claimed that Humaima and his mother were still friends and that his siblings and Humaima still stayed in touch.

“I have no clue but I am happy to say that we still talk to each other, in fact a couple of months back she even called me and wanted to start a joint venture (a film) together but I was busy in my schedules and told her that we can do something next year Inshallah,

“and she agreed we even talked about family and how she is doing and, all which explains that she was always OK with us being in touch rarely and politely.

“She and My siblings are still in touch with the entire family Humaima also visits my mom now and then So in my view everything was pretty decent and low key we never had any sort of arguments after separating..

“We met at many gatherings in these past years and many of the present people there, will second me on the part where me and her always met like old friends and still kept a respectful distance and attitude,” he stated.

Shamoon wished his ex-wife all the best in the end and prayed for her success. He urged fans not to abuse her on the post.