Salman Taseer was hung upside down, beaten for days by Sharifs: daughter

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Salman Taseer’s daughter Sara Taseer tweeted on Wednesday that the Sharifs had the former Punjab governor hanged upside down and beaten for days.

Sara Taseer is known for her views against the PML-N and has openly supported Prime Minister Khan on various occasions.

Hence it didn’t come as a surprise when Salman Taseer’s daughter took to Twitter and lashed out at Shehbaz Sharif.

“Niazi sahib proved to be an outright liar when he declared the Pakistani media to be independent. He has ushered in the worst reign of censorship and the media gagging, something that even the dictators failed to accomplish,” Shehbaz had tweeted.

In response, Sara took to Twitter to call out Shehbaz for allegedly having her father beaten up for days.

“Shahbaz Sharif may I remind U what U did to my Father @SalmaanTaseer hen he spoke VS yr corruption at a time when no1 had the gall to confront Sicilian Mafia. He was hung upside down for days&beaten. I begged yr friend Zaeem Malik for Gods sake let us know what you did with him,” she tweeted.

Opposition parties, mainly the PML-N, have claimed that Prime Minister Khan is behind the recent media blackouts and censorship.

Prime Minister Khan denied that the media was not free in Pakistan. Khan said that the media in Pakistan was more free than the media in the United Kingdom.

“There’s an anchor here in Pakistan who said on national TV that me and my wife are about to get divorced,” he said. “The media in Pakistan is out of control. We need to control it not through the government but through the watchdog,” he added.