Twitter thinks Sabeeka Imam was paid to tweet in favour of Zara Shahjahan

Sabeeka Imam called out on Twitter for supporting Zara Shahjahan clothes

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Pakistani Twitterati slammed model and actress Sabeeka Imam on Tuesday for tweeting in favour of designer Zara Shahjahan, alleging that the model was paid to appreciate the brand.

Sabeeka had taken to Twitter a few days ago and expressed admiration for Zara Shahjahan clothes, claiming that they did not wear out after getting washed like other brands.

“I have bought an outfit from @ZaraShahjahan and honestly the quality is of such high standard that I would rather buy 1 quality 3 piece from ZS than 3-4 other brands which get destroyed after a few washes. It is pricey but a good investment if you’re tired of disposable clothes,” she tweeted.

Pat came the response from one Twitter user who claimed that the tweet was a ‘paid one’.

Zara Shahjahan made headlines for the wrong reasons a couple of weeks ago when she was called out on privilege for promoting classism.