Pregnancy & the Ambanis: Internet has a laugh at the family’s latest video

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The Ambanis have made headlines over the past couple of months for their wedding celebrations. They’re once again in the media spotlight but this time for a hilarious video.

The richest Asian family, the Ambanis, certainly know how to celebrate. Their son Mukesh got married to Shloka Mehta four months ago and we couldn’t help but gawk in disbelief how celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, Hillary Clinton and Arianna Huffington were in attendance.

A video of the Ambanis was reportedly leaked onto the internet. In the video, the Ambanis wish Shloka Amani happy birthday and tell her that she should or will about to become a mother.

Even Mukesh, who comes at the end of the video, says that he was looking forward to ‘creating new things’ with Shloka.

The video whipped up a storm on the internet with some people laughing at the bizarre animation and Shloka’s characterization as a princess and Mukesh as the prince.

Others were criticial of the Ambanis putting pressure on Shloka to produce a child–that too just four months into the marriage.

We can only say one thing with certainty–the Ambanis sure know how to stay in the limelight!