PM Khan unfollows Hamid Mir on Twitter

Once good friends, it seems like Khan and Hamid Mir are not getting along now

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has unfollowed veteran journalist and anchor, Hamid Mir on Twitter after the latter’s scathing criticism of the government.

It seems like relations between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Hamid Mir have turned frosty. Mir has been subjecting the government to a lot of criticism over the past couple of months. Mir has claimed on more than once occasion that the country’s powerful establishment is using the incumbent government to exercise media curbs.

Mir has been criticizing the government and urging journalist bodies to rise against censorship ever since his interview with former president Asif Ali Zardari was pulled off air.

Mir is not listed in the prime minister’s following section on Twitter as he once used to. Imran Khan had claimed on numerous occasions in 2014 when Hamir Mir had been shot that the Geo News anchor was the best journalist in Pakistan.

Khan had even urged his supporters to refrain from questioning Hamid Mir’s patriotism.