PM Khan is supposed to represent Pakistan, not just PTI: Bilawal

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Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto on Tuesday expressed reservations over prime minister’s conduct in his current visit to the States.

In a tweet, Bilawal opposed the PM Imran Khan’s conduct– referring it as “unbecoming of a prime minister”.

“I‘ve many reservations about our PM, his undemocratic politics & economically fatal polices. I also believe much of his conduct abroad particularly his jalsa is unbecoming of a PM who is supposed to represent Pakistan, not just PTI,” the PPP chairman tweeted.

He said he extends unconditional support towards the government’s efforts but will provide constructive criticism when needed.

“Having said that in the greater national interest everyone should support Pakistan’s efforts to engage the world. I therefore unconditionally support the government’s efforts. I will always provide constructive criticism when needed but will always support first”, Bilawal added.