‘People are not blind’: Fatema Sohail reacts to Mohsin Abbas’s denial of domestic abuse

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LAHORE: Fatema Sohail, the estranged wife of Pakistani actor and model Mohsin Abbas Haider, said that her husband was lying to media about his relationship.

“People are not blind, they can see that the bruises on my body are not the result of me falling from stairs,” Fatema told Geo News.

“He is lying. He is trying to confuse the media. I went to his house this month and he beat me again,” she said

She said that the entire industry was an eyewitness to her ordeal.

“I tried desperately to save our marriage and even went to his girlfriend to beg her to leave us alone,” she recalled. “Now all I want is the court to give my child his rights, which Mohsin refuses to do.”

Her reaction came after Mohsin Abbas rejected the allegations of domestic wife, saying her wife had sustained injuries after falling off stairs.