Pakistanis think ‘Dharak Bharak’ is a poor Bollywood copy

The music video of the song features Kubra Khan and Bilal Ashraf

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Bilal Ashraf and Mahira Khan’s upcoming starrer ‘Superstar’ is being highly anticipated by fans. However, its most recent song ‘Dharak Bharak’ is being pummeled for being a cheap copy of Bollywood.

The song features Kubra Khan and Bilal Ashraf. While some people have praised the song and Bilal’s dedication in the gym (which you can see clearly courtesy his toned abs) others have lashed out at the makers of the video for—what they claim—too much Bollywood being copied.

Others have drawn comparison between ‘Dharak Bharak’ and Ranveer Singh’s ‘Tattad Tattad’ from Ram-Leela, calling the former a cheap copy of the latter.

Here’s what fans had to say:-