Online platforms boycott Mohsin Abbas Haider & wife for swearing on Holy Quran

Online platforms have started boycotting the two for swearing on the Holy Quran

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A couple of online platforms have decided to boycott any news related to Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife, Fatema Sohail, after the latter swore on the Holy Quran on Tuesday.

Mohsin Abbas Haider swore on the Holy Quran a few days ago that his wife’s accusations against him were false. He said that he had not beaten his wife and that her wounds had been caused after she fell down the stairs.

Fatema Sohail, Mohsin’s wife, held a press conference at her home and swore on the Holy Quran as well, claiming that what she was telling about her husband was true.

This was too much for a couple of online platforms and publications who said that they would boycott all news related to the couple. The involvement of the Holy Quran in the quarrel between the two was enought to convince the platforms that they would now stay away from publishing news related to the couple.

“BANNED: Since both the parties are using Quran to back their claims against each other, we have decided to boycott their press conferences and court proceedings. We believe this is not right and hence, we will not be reporting any of their news from now onwards. Period.” wrote Behtareenpk.


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From now we have decided to stop posting further updates regarding #MohsinAbbasHaider and his wife #FatemaSohail dispute. 🙏

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