NZ’s Neesham wins the internet for telling Indian fans to resell tickets

'Give all genuine cricket fans a chance to go, not just the wealthy'

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New Zealand cricketer Jimmy Neesham has requested Indian fans to resell tickets through the official platform if they are not intending to attend the finals.

India’s dismissal in the first semi-finals led to the reselling of the final game’s tickets which the fans had bought in anticipation of Virat Kohli.

However, many resorted to alternatives such as StubHub and Viagogo, where the tickets are being sold for more than £16,000 – estimated to be Rs 13.8 lakh, which is more than 50 times their face value.

Taking cognizance of the sale in black, the cricketer urged fans to cooperate with the official website for making the finals tickets affordable for all genuine fans, not just the wealthy.

Neesham added that while he understands the desire of people to make “ A couple of quid”, demanding for prices as high as on the table is “absolutely ludicrous.”

The International Cricket Council has also appealed for fans unwilling to attend the game to return their tickets so they can be sold to other genuine supporters at face value, instead of selling them at exorbitant rates through unofficial resale sites.

Supporters have until midday on Saturday to give back any unwanted tickets.

The ICC has announced it will release an additional 200 tickets for Sunday’s final via their ticketing website – and said there may be more that come on sale.