NZ family honours Blackcaps with beach art

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WELLINGTON: A Kiwi man has come up with an innovative idea to honour Blackcaps after their heart-breaking loss to England in the World Cup final.

According to a news carried by the News Hub, Chris Murray recreated Blackcaps log etched in sand to pay tributes to the team.

“I stayed up the whole night and one of the kids got up at 5am to watch the last of it,” Murray told Newshub on Monday. “And we wanted to honour the Blackcaps ’cause they did such a good job.”

Murray, his friends and their children all headed down to the nearby beach armed with rakes and sticks to create a masterpiece worthy of the cricket team.

The result was a huge recreation of the Blackcaps logo etched in sand. “It took a few hours ’cause it’s pretty big,” said Murray. “There was a lot of raking.”

He says he’s “disappointed” with the result of the final, but still proud.

“I’m still proud of the Blackcaps, they did a great job. It was just unlucky really; they couldn’t have done any better.”

The Blackcaps may have lost the final, but they clearly haven’t lost the support of Kiwis.