Mohsin claps back at Gohar, calls him a “fake witness”

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Many actors and singers took to social media to condemn actor Mohsin Abbas after his wife Fatema Sohail exposed him over domestic violence.

Some even claimed they were witnesses to the abuse, including actors Gohar Rasheed and Dua Malik, adding weightage to her claims as Mohsin denied her allegations in a presser— imposing that Fatema was only using a women card.

As Mohsin took to address all the elements against him— the actor also took a jibe at one of the witnesses, Gohar Rasheed, who stated that he had learned about the matter when a mutual friend once took Fatema to the hospital following a beating.

He also claimed to have seen the pictures, reports and spoke to Fatema on the phone on recency of the incident after which he had come to believe her. Gohar also took his claims to a television segment along with Fatema.

Commenting on the revelations in a video, Mohsin said Gohar’s said a mutual friend was his girlfriend and was repeating whatever his girlfriend may have said to add weight to Fatema’s conspiracy.

Stating this, Mohsin went on to call Gohar a “fake witness”— further claiming that Gohar was never present during his conflicts with wife and was not even a neighbour.

Mohsin said that Gohar had acted as an “informant” in the past for Fatema as he [Gohar] had worked with Nazish Jahangir and used to report her comings and goings to Fatema.

Mohsin said he has sympathy towards these people ‘claiming to be witnesses’ for whatever reason that is pushing them to contribute to this conspiracy against him.