Mohsin Abbas rubbishes wife’s allegations regarding brutal beating

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LAHORE: Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, who was recently under fire over wife’s allegations of brutal beating, came forward denying all the allegations in a press conference on Sunday.

Mohsin told the presser that he has been raised by a family that has taught him how to respect women and never did he beat anyone.

Commenting on his wife’s statements – where Fatima claimed that she was dragged, kicked and punched by him when she was pregnant – Mohsin said all the allegations were false and she [Fatima] was only playing a woman card.

“It is true that I have had anger issues in the past but I’m a changed man now.”

He said they both regretted marrying each other a few months after the wedding, adding that he made his mind up to divorce his wife a while ago but was unable to do so and could only get a separation.

He said that once their son was born, he decided not to file a divorce and went for separation only. “I would see my son’s face and think… fine I’ll stay for his sake.”

Responding to chances of reconciliation with his wife, he said: “I don’t hold anything against her, she’s a troubled woman and the only way forward is divorce.”

He said his wife was still in denial of the separation, while on the other hand, he wanted to marry a second wife as he craved for family life.

Referring to his wife’s allegation as a ‘conspiracy, he said she came with their children to his home at midnight saying she would not leave him alone until he puts a property in her name.