Mohsin Abbas is a person who could stoop this low: Khalid Butt

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Khalid Butt, another face from the entertainment industry to expose Mohsin Abbas for his misconduct revealed that he also witnessed some alterations between Abbas and his family.

In a series of tweets, Khalid Butt said he had observed violent tendencies in Abbas from time to time and often found Abbas abusing his wife during phone calls— which Abbas used to defend as correct treatment.

“I worked with Mohsin Abbas Haider for six years straight. I will shed some light on his personality which I closely observed working with him during these six years. I was the one who introduced him on television in my show as a reporter Kashmir Singh, as Kashmir Singh”, Butt wrote in a tweet.

“His attitude was not professional during the show and I even witnessed some alterations between him and his family. At one time I saw him shouting and using abusive language towards them on phone,”

Butt went on to state: “When I asked him about it he was not a bit abashed and stubbornly insisted his actions were correct. Even when we were playing cricket sometimes, he was a sore loser. He had sadistic, violent tendencies which I observed from time to time.”

“I don’t know the whole story and don’t even know his wife but he is the kind of person who could stoop this low as to hit a pregnant female.”

“It’s already very hard for a Pakistani female to come forward about domestic violence. There’s the whole society she has to answer. I think we should all stand by not only her but all the women going through this painful experience”

Two actors, Dua Malik and Mirza Gohar Rasheed, also come out in support of Fatema Sohail, the wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider who on Sunday night revealed that she had been “dragged,” “kicked,” and “punched” by her husband when she was pregnant after she caught him cheating with another model.