Mohsin Abbas Haider won’t be featured in Mazaaq Raat anymore

Dunya TV distances itself from Mohsin Abbas Haider

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Dunya TV has announced that Mohsin Abbas Haider will not be featured in the show Mazaaq Raat until he clears his name in the domestic abuse case.

A post on the official website of the TV channel claimed that it had distanced itself from Mohsin Abbas Haider after the shocking allegations made by his wife, Fatema Sohail, surfaced on social media on July 20.

Dunya TV claimed in a post on its official website that the Mazaaq Raat episodes currently being aired by the channel had been recorded prior to the allegations.

“Mohsin Abbas Haider will not feature in any future episodes of Mazaaq Raat till he doesn’t prove himself innocent,” read the statement from the channel.

Mohsin’s wife alleged that he had punched and kicked her in November last year while she was pregnant. She claimed that Mohsin was having an extramarital affair with upcoming model and actress Nazish Jahangir.

Police registered a case against Mohsin and investigation into the matter has been initiated. Police have recorded statements of both Mohsin and Fatima.

Mobile phone records of both parties have been sought by police.