Model Marvi Shabbir accuses designer Zainab Salman of humiliating her

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KARACHI: Model Marvi Shabbir has accused designer Zainab Salman of humiliating her and paying her only half for a day’s work.

In a video message that she posted on social media, Marvi said that she was asked to work on a shoot by fashion designer Zainab Salman.

“I was asked to shoot for four dresses at a location in Lahore to which I agreed,” she said. “Zainab took me to an isolated location which was quite far from Lahore,” she added.

Marvi then claimed that after she had continuously shot for four hours from 07:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Zainab asked her to do video shots as well.

“I told her that we had not agreed to the video shots. I also informed her that models charge extra for video shots,” said Marvi.

However, according to Marvi, the designer lost her cool and started shouting at her. Marvi claimed that Zainab asked her whether or not she would do the shoot to which Marvi refused.

“I asked her to drop me back to the location in Lahore from where she had picked me up but she told me she would neither pay me nor drop me,” said Zainab. “I wondered how I would go home as I am from Karachi and I was at this isolated location in Lahore where neither Careem nor Uber provides its services.”

Marvi said she was dropped by two men, one of whom was a male model at the shoot. She said that the next day, Zainab sent her half the money for the shoot she had done.

The model claimed that she called Zainab and told her she would upload a video about the way she had been treated, on social media.

According to Marvi, Zainab hung up on her.

“She thought it was maybe about money but this is not about money. This is about my self-respect. I have suffered from mental trauma at her hands. My heart is broken,” she said.