Pakistani Ahmadi meets President Trump at the White House

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A member of Pakistan’s Ahmadi community met President Donald J Trump at the White House on Wednesday to speak about the treatment of Ahmadis in Pakistan.

Accompanied by Shan Taseer, the Pakistani Ahmadi and him were the two persons from Pakistan who were among the 27 participants who met the US president.

“I can call myself a Muslim in the United States but not a Muslim in Pakistan,” said Abdul Shakoor, the 83-year-old man who spent three years in jail in Pakistan. “We (Ahmadis) were declared non-Muslim in 1974, our shops and houses were looted and many houses were burnt down, I then relocated to Rabwah along with kids, where I had a shop selling books and was given a 5 year sentence and a 600,000 PKR fine, now I have been released after three years,” he added.

President Trump shook his hand and said:-

“So you see the world is a tough place, and we are making strides and we are making some good strides,” he said.