Mehwish Hayat gets slammed for posing with ‘shirtless men’

The Tamgha-e-Imtiaz actress paid tribute to her supporting artistes

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Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat was slammed on Twitter for her latest tweet in which the actress is posing with shirtless men who were supporting artistes of ‘Gangster Guriya’.

Mehwish is one of Pakistan’s best-known actresses. The actress, in a recent tweet, paid tribute to supporting artistes who performed with her in the ‘Gangster Guriya’ item song.

Gangster Guriya received a lot of hate due to the fact that it was an item song. Twitterati had slammed Mehwish and choreographer Osman Khalid Butt for allegedly promoting vulgarity through the item song.

On Monday, the actress decided to pay tribute to supporting artistes of Gangster Guriya–the men who performed with her in the song–for taking off their shirts despite the extreme cold.

“I admire the braveness & fortitude of these guys. A freezing evenin shoot & my hunky supporting artistes take it in their stride when asked to whip off their shirts for the shots. I felt so sorry 4 them – they were literally shaking with cold all night.🥶Glamorous life who says?” she captioned the tweet.

However, people did not like the fact that the actress was surrounded by ‘shirtless men’.

Osman Butt and Mehwish had taken on criticis who had bashed ‘Gangster Guriya’. The actress, in the past, spoke out against the cyberbullying and abuse that celebrities have to encounter at the hands of internet trolls.