Mahira Khan controversy: Firdous Jamal’s son lashes out at critics

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Pakistani actor Firdous Jamal’s son lashed out at critics on Sunday, stating that his father had proven himself without social media and surgeries.

Hamza Firdous took to Twitter and slammed critics for labelling his father a misogynist, claiming that he had praised Mahira Khan during the same interview in which he had criticized her.

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Veteran actor Fidrous Jamal evoked a strong response on social media after he said a few days ago during a TV show that Mahira was an average actress. Social media was outraged at Firdous’ criticism when he said that Mahira was too old to be cast as a heroine and the actress should instead be playing the role of a mother.

Humayun Saeed, Mawra Hocane, Osman Khalid Butt, Gohar Rasheed and other celebrities lashed out at Firdous for his criticism.

“#FirdousJamal has given 45 years of sweat and blood to this industry. And that too without social media and only pure hardwork. Where as today, many require branding and marketing, surgeries to stay top notch. This person doesn’t need to hold grudges! His work has proven him,” tweeted his son Hamza.

“And also we should not shove everything under the rug of chauvinism and misogyny. If he were a chauvinist by any standard, he wouldn’t have praised #Saniasaeed, #SabaQamar and #mehwishhayat in the same show,” he further tweeted.

“I said in the same show that “@theMahirakhan has represented us internationaly, is a big name and I’m thankful that keh woh Humari industry mein hain”. I and my dad have different opinions so what?Should we use the difference of opinion to address personal grudges?”

He wished Mahira all the best for her upcoming movie Superstar.