Controversial LUMS student is now saying rejectees belong in the gutter

Twitter roasts LUMS student for mocking rejected students

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Ali Zar Raza, the LUMS student who said a few days ago that LUMS rejectees belong in the trash, made a new video in which he said that rejected students belong in the gutter.

LUMS has been in the headlines for the past few days and for all the wrong reasons. Ali Zar Raza, a LUMS student, jumped into the debate of whether or not people who got accepted into the university relied on their parents’ money or their own intellect.

“There’s only one place for LUMS rejectees and it is here,” he said, pointing to a trash bin before giving a middle finger.

A few days after his video was slammed on the microblogging site, Raza once again took to Twitter to make another video.

“What I said was wrong because LUMS rejectees don’t belong in the trash. They belong in the gutter,” he said, pointing to one in the video.

In the video, Raza lashed out at ‘liberals and pseudo intellectuals’. He ended the video with a rap in the end (which was considered by many as corny) and told haters to ‘f**k off’.

Raza’s video generataed quite the reaction once more as people slammed his rap, stating that it had made them cringe.