‘Let’s not bring Islam into it’, Feroze Khan slams Hamza Ali Abbasi

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This recent engagement of actors Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz has raised curtains on the controversial debate whether or not public display of affection towards your fiancé/fiancéeshould be discouraged.

After Veena Malik who recently called out Hamza Ali Abbasi for “defending kissing before nikkah”, Feroze Khan has disapproved of religion getting dragged into the fiasco.

“You crack me up big time sometime! I just can’t let go of this one. Let’s not bring Islam, Allah and Rusool(SAW) into this please again please. huge respect! Peace”, Feroze Khan tweeted on Wednesday.

The debate emerged after Hamza Ali Abbasi had stepped forward to defend the couple saying, “In an era when ppl prefer haraam over halal, how can U find faults in a man asking a woman for nikkah? Bcz he hugged her or kissed her on the cheek? STOP IT! Instead celebrate the good… Heartiest congrats to Yasir & Iqra. May Allah bless u both in ur new journey. [sic]”

He went on to defend his statement by citing a series of Hadith, which prompted actress Veena Malik to share her two cents on the matter.

“I am working in the Pakistani entertainment industry after long break of almost nine years. I met Hamza Ali Abbasi sahab on the Pakistan Star sets and we became acquaintances,” she began. “What I know about him so far is that he is someone who is upright, highly principled, virtuous and impressive for being that way in his acting, hosting, judging, etc.”

“Also, just recently saw a video of yours on God which made me realise that you are insightful, cultured and enlightened. But then these tweets came up.”
“Nowhere in our religion and Quran it is written that you can hug and kiss before nikkah. I think we shouldn’t use religion to support PDA. Two wrongs don’t make a right,” Veena explained. “Of course, congratulations to the couple. I’m so happy that they’ll get married and prefer halal over haram but how the proposal ended wasn’t appropriate as the act was utterly uncultured.”

Veena then added, “We live in a Muslim country. Our religion and culture both don’t allow it; such acts are looked down upon. You rightly said that this era isn’t like the previous one. Now, you have to show a lot of more responsibility and moral ethics towards society.”

“this PDA doesn’t represent our moral and cultural values, let alone religious.” She said, “Every media personality has a responsibility towards society as people follow them. They are not supposed to set wrong examples for the masses.”

Veena added, “You are talking about haram and halal and yet, defending kisses before nikkah? If someone is following Islam and doing nikkah, then why do haram before it? Even for some halal acts, you can’t go public so they should have been a little careful!”