Kiwi all-rounder Neesham urges Indian fans to be reasonable on WC ticket resale

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LONDON: Kiwi all-rounder Jimmy Neesham struck a cord the common man after he urged Indian cricket fans not to sell off their World Cup final tickets for a massive profit.

New Zealand stunned the cricket world when they beat one of the tournament’s favourites India in the semi-final.

According to reports, many ticket-holders, mostly Indians, are selling off tickets on unauthorized websites to milk money.

The ramped-up supply-and-demand has some tickets priced at more than 10,000 pounds sterling (NZ$18,000) – more than 25 times their face value. Original ticket prices ranged from 95-395 pounds (NZ$178-742).

The Black Caps all-rounder took to Twitter, pleading for Indian fans to be reasonable.

“Dear Indian cricket fans, If you don’t want to come to the final anymore than please be kind and resell your tickets via the official platform. “I know it’s tempting to try to make a large profit but please give all genuine cricket fans a chance to go, not just the wealthy.

“I mean I can see why people would want to make a couple of quid and that’s fine, but the asking price of some I’ve seen is absolutely ludicrous,” he wrote.