Islamic seminaries to teach normal syllabi: Shafqat Mahmood

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood has said that all Islamic seminaries have agreed to teach normal syllabi to their students as part of government’s goal of “one nation, one education system.”

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, the minister said that he had a detailed discussion with clerics and their body Ittehad -e- Tanzeem Madaris.

“After detailed discussion with Ulema and Itehad e Tanzeem Madaris we have come to conclusions that would help in reaching our goal of “one nation, one education system,” he said.

Salient features of the consensus  are (1) all Madrasas would be registered, (2) after the exercise is completed unregistered Madrasahs would not be allowed to operate, (3) any madrasah that violates any condition of registration would be closed down.

He said all Madrasahs have agreed to teach normal syllabi besides religious subjects and their students would be required to obtain normal Matric FA etc through Federal Board.

“This would open all sorts of careers to madrasah students. It may be noted that madrasahs would not be under the  Ministry of Education. They will only be affiliated,” he added