Iqra Aziz’s mother reacts to Yasir Hussain’s PDA

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Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz’s mother responded to all the critics and haters who had slammed Yasir Hussain for his public display of affection for the actress during LSA 2019.

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It seems like the Yasir-Iqra LSA 2019 controversy may never end. After Yasir proposed to Iqra during the awards show, everyone, including Iqra, was caught off-guard.

However, after she said yes to Yasir, the comedian kissed Iqra numerous times on the cheek and hugged her. The PDA was not well received on social media with hundreds of comments telling the two to get a room.

Iqra’s sister Sidra took to Twitter to share what her mother had said about the entire episode. According to Sidra, her mother had expressed disappointment at people for their hateful comments.

Iqra Aziz mother

“My mom on whatever has happened with LSA night:
“Itni nafrat logun ne comments me dali hai, mujhe samajh nahi ata hamarey log doosrun ki khushi me khush nahi hotey, ghussa karte hain.”

(People have put so much hate into their comments, I don’t get it. Our people are never happy for others they only express their anger).

Even Iqra had lashed out at her critics and urged them to wait for their own happiness rather than spoil anyone else’s. She backed Yasir for being expressive and generous in his love for her.