Iqra Aziz lashes out at Mohsin Abbas Haider for allegedly beating his wife

Iqra Aziz thinks Mohsin Abbas Haider has been 'disqualified' as a man...

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Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz lashed out at model and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider for allegedly subjecting his wife to domestic abuse while she was pregnant and cheating on her.

Mohsin has been making headlines ever since his wife alleged that he had beaten her up and cheated on her while she was pregnant.

Mohsin has received a lot of criticism from celebrities such as Mehwish Hayat, Ali Zafar, Hania Aamir, Reham Khan and Sherry Rehman for allegedly beating his wife.

Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz, who has been receiving a lot of hate online after Yasir Hussain proposed to her at the Lux Style Awards 2019, has called out Mohsin as well.

Iqra said that raising a hand on women ‘disqualifies’ a person from being a man.

“Bodybuilding might make you a strong man but raising your hand against a woman disqualifies you from being a man,” she wrote. “We do not need to hear what was on your mind neither your side of the story.”

Mohsin held a press conference and denied the accusations against him. He claimed that his wife had fallen down the stairs and used her ‘old bruises’ to frame him. He claimed that his wife, Fatema, had lied about him and that he had not beaten her up.

Fatema, on the other hand, has also alleged that Mohsin had not only kicked, punched and thrown her against the wall while she was pregnant but had also been cheating on her with Nazish Jahangir, an upcoming model and actress.
Fatema claimed that Mohsin was sleeping with her when she was undergoing surgery.