India rejects Pakistani interpretation of ICJ verdict

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NEW DELHI: India has rejected Pakistan’s claims that it was on the winning side of the verdict in Kulbhushan Jadhav case

MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said that “Pakistan has its own compulsions as to why they have to lie to their own people.”

“Frankly, it seems to me they’re reading from a different verdict. The main verdict is in 42 pages, if there is no patience to go through 42 pages, they should go through 7-pages Press Release, where every point is in India’s favour,” said Raveesh Kumar at the weekly press briefing.

On the arrest of Hafiz Saeed, Kumar said that it has been happening for a long time now.

“After every major terror incident he perpetrates in India, he has been arrested and then released on some grounds or other. This drama, to my count, has happened over 8 times since 2001,” said Kumar.

“The question is whether this time it will be more than a cosmetic step, whether Hafiz Saeed will be tried and sentenced for his terrorist activities. We hope that this time Hafiz Saeed will be brought to justice,” Kumar added.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed the ICJ verdict, saying Pakistan will proceed as per the law.

The PM also appreciated the UN court for rejecting Indian plea to acquit Jadhav.

Jadhav, a serving Indian naval officer, was captured in Balochistan carrying fake travel documents. He had crossed into Pakistan from Iran.