I was beaten to death several times: Humaima Malick’s shocking revelation

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Pakistani actress Humaima Malick came forth with shocking revelations about how she had suffered domestic abuse herself for almost 10 years in two different relationships.

Humaima was married to actor Shamoon Abbasi when she was quite young. However, the two ended their three-year union with a bitter divorce.

The actress has never shed much light on the reasons for their divorce. However, after the Mohsin Abbas Haider scandal, Humaima has been urging her fans to shun silence and speak out against men who beat up women.

Humaima took to her Instagram and in her stories, lashed out at her husband Shamoon Abbasi indirectly, detailing how she had been ‘beaten to death’ not once but many times.

“While I was working and making a good life for myself and my entire family I have been threatened, abused and beaten to death not once but many times. I am not scared anymore I am now shameful of silence,” she wrote.

Humaima said that she was ashamed of herself as she had done nothing for herself. She said that she had been abused during her three-year marriage and after that, for seven more years in another relationship.

Humaima said that she could not even share her ordeal with her family. The actress said that she was just a ’19, 20-year-old miserable girl’ at the time.

Humaima’s sister Dua Malik had claimed to be a witness first-hand to the alleged beatings that Mohsin had given his wife, Fatema.

Dua had claimed that she knew all about how Mohsin used to ‘beat the sh*t’ out of Fatema.