I am an eyewitness to Mohsin Abbas Haider beating his wife: Dua Malik

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Pakistani actress and TV show host Dua Malik has come forward with the revelation that she was perhaps the only eye witness who saw Mohsin Abbas Haider beat his wife up.

The revelation from Malik comes at a time when Mohsin is in hot water after his wife, Fatema, posted a lengthy note on social media, alleging that he beat her up while she was pregnant and cheated on her with an upcoming model and actress.

Mohsin has denied the charges but Dua has come forward in an Instagram post (which now seems to be deleted) and claimed that she was an eyewitness to him beating Fatema.

“I have kept this fire in my heart for three years. I have seen him beating the shit out of his wife on the road and where not,” she wrote. “I have seen him (Mohsin) harassing her (Fatema) so much that she hasn’t been speaking to her family and friends for over years.”

In the end, the note allegedly written by Dua, states that the day Fatema caught Mohsin with Nazish Jahangir, the model Mohsin alledehly had a fling with, was the day when she scolded Fatema to expose him.

“You are a con artist now rot in hell with Nazish,” she wrote in the end.