Humaima lashes out at Momina, calls her a ‘parchi’ & ‘China ki gurya’

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Pakistani actress Humaima Malick lashed out at singer Momina Mustehsan as the former criticised the latter for her dance performance at the LSA 2019.

Momina has often been slammed by critics over one issue or the other. Humaima has done the same in the past but this time, the actress did not bite her tongue.

In an Instagram post, Malick lashed out at Mustehsan by claiming that had Qandeel Baloch been alive, she would’ve danced better than her.

Malick claimed that the performances of two artists, a male and a female, wer’dropped out’ to accommodate Momina. She called her a ‘chaabi wali china ki guriya’ and ‘parchi’.

The post on Instagram has now been deleted by Humaima. Fortunately, a screenshot was taken.

“Two singers, male and female were dropped out last minute for this big performance,” she wrote. “God bless parchi system but it’s so cute.”

Humaima further wrote: “May Allah bless Qandeel Baloch’s soul. If she were alive, she would have performed way better.”

Humaima had previously slammed Momina on social media when the singer had criticised people for slut-shaming Mahira Khan just because she was a woman.

Humaima called her a hypocrite and pointed out how Momina had been quick to claim that Qandeel Baloch was not a symbol of women empowerment.

“Qandeel Balouch was not an epitome of women empowerment,” Momina had tweeted. “If anything, she was portraying the opposite: the only asset a woman has is her body.”