Hassaan Niazi accuses Meesha’s Team of misusing #MeToo, latter denies

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In the recent episode of Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar’s tirade following harassment claims and defamatory moves, Imran Khan’s nephew Hassaan Niazi has claimed receiving threats from Meesha’s team. 

In a tweet, Niazi came on the front row besides Ali Zafar, alleging that Shafi’s team was taking unfair advantage of the #MeToo campaign.

“Meesha team hits new low. Sending me threats of #MeToo campaign against me,” he wrote. “Typical Ayesha Gulalai mindset in community, which damages the #MeToo campaign for their personal point scoring. Let me make it clear,blackmail me and I will expose u more.”

Niazi also started a campaign against Meesha trending with the hashtag #MeeshaUsingWomenCard, to which many on Twitter tagged along to support him.

However, Meesha Shafi had rubbished the startling claims and denied having anything to do with him.

“Don’t think I’ve ever met this guy and neither am I accusing him of anything,” she tweeted.

She went on to state: “Although he did inbox me for a retweet last year. Don’t remember if I responded. Do remember that I didn’t retweet.”

“Also, by all means all are free to investigate whatever interests them, only to discover a bottomless pit of groped bottoms. All other conspiracy theories are just that.”

Meesha commented, “Gaslighting.”

Recently, Meesha broke silence over Ali Zafar’s allegations on her and her team running a smear campaign against him.

Following up with the LSA hype, Shafi commended all the artists who withdrew their LSA nominations in solidarity with her and the #MeToo movement.