Girl says she was asked by feminists to leak Imam ul Haq’s WhatsApp chat

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ISLAMABAD: The girl behind the leak of Imam ul Haq’s WhatsApp chat with multiple girls has alleged that she was asked by some feminists to expose the cricketer.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Twitter user Feriha said that she was a social media activist.

“Why you are acting like I am a victim and I am raging a war against Imam,” she wrote, adding that she was not the only one who had shared stuff about Imam ul Haq.

The left-handed batsman was allegedly accused of cheating with women, after screenshots of his WhatsApp conversations went viral on social media.

Imam-ul-Haq manipulated several women by dating them at the same time, according to tweets leaking his WhatsApp chat and videos.

The person who posted the screenshots on social media also claimed that additional pictorial and video evidence was also available but it will only be shared if the victims agree.