Former Australian captain Ian Chappell undergoes cancer treatment

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SYDNEY: Former Australian captain Ian Chappell is undergoing treatment for skin cancer, a media report said.

Chappell, 75, told News Corp on Thursday he had just completed five weeks of intense radiation therapy and had skin cancers removed from his shoulder, neck and underarm.

“I didn’t tell too many people early on. Mainly because I just wasn’t sure what the radiotherapy would involve and how weary I’d be,” he said.

“But as it turned out, it wasn’t so bad. A bit of tiredness at night and a bit of skin irritation, but other than that I’m feeling pretty good.”

He said he had become used to skin cancers over the years and was comforted by the fact none had been melanomas.

“It may be naivety on my part,” he said. “I’ve had multiple skin cancers cut off, burnt off and every other way you can get rid of them.”

Chappell said he decided to deal with the cancers after watching his mother Jeanne “come to grips” with death. “You get to 70 and you start to think, ‘Christ, it’s getting near the end now’.”