Fizza Ali’s video of kissing her daughter attracts controversy on social media

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Pakistani model, actress and host Fizza Ali’s video in which she’s kissing her daughter, went viral on the internet as some people were angry at her for posting it.

Fizza has attracted controversy on social media over the past couple of years. However, a video of the host went viral on social media in which she can be seen kissing her daughter.

The video was slammed by social media users in Pakistan who were of the view that Fizza shouldn’t have made the video public.

“I want to donate my eyes nw anyone interested?” commented one person.

“So its good to show love and care but … there should be some kind of limitations as well in fact teach your child that its ok to kiss and show love n affection but express it in a good way and don’t try this with strangers… .. anyways they know better how to groom their children let them do what they want,” said another person.