Dunya News decides to fire Mohsin Abbas Haider: report

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The management of Dunya News has decided to fire Mohsin Abbas Haider from the show Mazaaq Raat, according to a report, on Tuesday.

According to a report in UrduPoint, the management of Dunya News has decided to fire the model and actor a few days after his wife came forth with allegations that he beat her while she was pregnant and had cheated on her.

The report claimed that the management has so far not made an official statement on the matter.
Mohsin Abbas Haider works as a DJ in the popular show Mazaaq Raat. He attained fame from the show and the Na Maloom Afraad franchise.

Fatema Sohail, his wife, accused him of cheating on her with model/actress Nazish Jahangir. Mohsin and Nazish have both denied Fatema’s accusations and claimed that she was not telling the truth.

Following the revelation by Fatema, several celebrities came forward and slammed Mohsin. These included Hania Aamir, Mehwish Hayat, Dua Malik, Humaima Malick, Gohar Rasheed, Nasir Khan Jan, Osman Khalid Butt and Iqra Aziz as well as others.

Mohsin claimed that his wife was lying and that she had fallen down the stairs. Both husband and wife, in separate press conferences, swore on the Holy Quran that their version of events was true.

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Mohsin and Fatema have recorded their statements with police a couple of days after the incident.

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