Country cannot move forward unless corruption is curtailed: PM Khan

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MIANWALI: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday addressed the arrests being made against Opposition leaders and said most of the corrupt schemes being exposed today were instituted during the tenures of the previous government.

The prime minister was speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of a hospital at NAMAL Institute in Mianwali on Friday, where he shared that NAMAL University was his vision of providing education to people in an area where people had no opportunities of getting higher education.

“The number of PHD holders in NAMAL faculty has increased to twenty-two from eleven. He said 97 students in the university are studying on scholarships,” the prime minister told the gathering.

Commenting on the increasing arrests, he made it clear that the process of accountability will continue without any discrimination.

He blamed corruption for various economic challenges Pakistan is facing and stressed that the country cannot move forward unless this menace is curtailed.

“The country’s debt reached to Rs30,000 billion from Rs6,000 billion in a decade due to corruption and bad governance,” the prime minister said.

The prime minister said inflation, devaluation of rupee and economic unease have been caused due to the looting of national wealth during the last decade.

Stating this, Imran Khan urged the big philanthropists to adopt government hospitals in improving their services, adding that even the infrastructure projects completed by the previous government are running on loss.

He shut allegations of political victimisation, stating that various cases were made against him during PML-N’s leadership but he stood bravely against fabricated charges and was eventually cleared by the courts.

He said the people who are making furor today are unable to provide any money trail to their wealth.