Asad Umar asks to show mercy on Indians’ broken hearts

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India’s defeat in the first semi-final match with New Zealand had every person raising curtains on their wit and immense joy.

Member of the Economic Development Council (NDC) Asad Umar also took a jibe at India by responding to army chief spokesperson Asif Ghafoor’s sardonic tweet – asking them to spare some sympathy for the blue shirts.

“First you shoot down their plane, then torture them by getting them used to quality of tea which they can’t get at home and then you mercilessly troll them after they get booted out of the world cup…. Show some mercy on their broken hearts @peaceforchange”, the former finance minister wrote.

As social media saw the nation uniting on the defeat of the neighbouring country, chief spokesperson of Pakistan Armed Forces Asif Ghafoor also poked fun by congratulating the black shirts for winning against India in the first semi-final match.