As Muslims we cannot doubt Mohsin’s claim, Muneeb Butt

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Actor Mohsin Abbas, amid massive backlash over domestic violence against wife Fatema Sohail, has Muneeb Butt coming out in his favor.

Muneeb Butt shared a note on Instagram, throwing weight behind Mohsin’s stance given his oath on the Quran.

“If he [Mohsin] is making a statement by swearing on the Quran, we cannot doubt it as a Muslim. Now his matter is in God’s court as we are supposed to believe that if a person is swearing on the holy book, he must not be lying,” the Baandi actor wrote.

On the other hand, Mohsin was fired from the TV show, Mazaaq Raat, on Tuesday after the police registered an FIR against him for physically assaulting his wife, Fatema Sohail.

The actor will remain relieved of his duties until he is proven innocent in the court of law.